Russia’s investigative Committee marks five years since its formation

Russia’s investigative Committee marks five years since its formation

MOSCOW, January 15. Russia’s investigative Committee notes January 15, five years from the date of its establishment as an independent Federal Agency. In 2007 the UK was established as an independent unit within the Prosecutor’s office, leading the investigation, who was in the Prosecutor’s office, and on 15 January 2011 entered into force the Federal law “About Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation”, making it a separate state Agency.

As reported in the published on January 15, the anniversary of the Ministry in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin, for the first five years of its work, the UK has sent to the courts over 44 thousand criminal cases on crimes of corruption. “Over 27 thousand in respect of officers and almost 18 thousand criminal cases against bribers. It is no exaggeration to say that we managed to seriously damage organized crime. The court directed the 242 criminal cases about the organized corruption groups, and 15 of the criminal community”, – said Bastrykin.

Without regard to ranks and titles

“In our work we strive to achieve the incrimination and punishment of any bribe, regardless of his official position, – said the head of the UK. For five years in respect of the accused 3067, have a special legal status, criminal cases sent to court”.

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“Among them, 270 of investigators of organs of internal Affairs, 52 of the investigator of the Investigative Committee, 36 criminal investigators from the DEA, prosecutors, 76, 261 attorney, 1060 deputies of local governments, 1017 municipal leaders of local authorities, 52 deputies of legislative bodies of Russian regions and 20 judges”, – said Bastrykin.

So, he said, to long terms of imprisonment for the bribery conviction of former Governor of the Tula region Dudka, as well as the mayor of Stavropol Bestuzhev, the mayor of Astrakhan Stolyarov, the head of Rybinsk Lastochkin.

The UK for five years, managed to recover almost 50% of the damage from corruption

“In five years, the amount of damage caused to the state, citizens and legal entities from corruption crimes amounted to more than 90 billion rubles, – said Bastrykin. – Recovered 21.3 billion rubles and almost the same amount seized property of the accused. More specifically, 21 billion 334 million.”

The head of the UK recalled that “the completed investigative actions in the case against the former head of “Dalspetsstroy” Chrisman and chief accountant of the enterprise Ashihmina accused of abuse of office during construction of the Vostochny space centre”.

“With the help of specialists of the audit chamber investigation revealed that between 2011 and 2013 these individuals from 22 billion 600 million rubles, received as advances by eleven state contracts on performance of works on construction of objects of the cosmodrome, had illegally spent more than 5 billion rubles. According to the investigation, these funds were used to repay credit obligations “Dalspetsstroy” that led to the infliction of the budget of Russia the considerable material damage in the amount of 5 billion 160 million rubles,” – said the head of the UK.

The number of tax cases will grow

In addition, he reported on the growth and 68% in the number of criminal cases on tax crimes – once in October 2014 came into force initiated by the IC amendments, changing the order of excitation of criminal cases about tax crimes. The reason for the criminal case now can be materials, guided not only by tax authorities but by bodies conducting operational-search activities.

“The new rules have already had a positive result. In 2015, significantly increased the level of detection of tax fraud, increased volumes coming into the state Treasury payments. The number of prosecutions on tax evasion has increased by 68%,” – said Bastrykin.

“During pre-investigation checks and investigation of tax crimes reimbursed damage amounting to over ten billion rubles. For example, in 2015 due to the interaction with the Federal tax service in the case instituted against the suspect within the tax evasion of the General Director “Spetsneftegaz” Kaniskina, the state budget managed to return more than 787 million rubles,” – said Bastrykin.

“I believe that the effectiveness of uncovering tax crimes in 2016 will be increased, and the amount of income tax payments to the budget will significantly increase,” he said.