The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation will constitute the “white list” Turkish importers of textiles

Moscow. January 15. The Ministry of industry and trade generates lists of companies importing Turkish textiles, which the Federal customs service (FCS) will allow us to import the goods to Russia, write on Friday “news”.

We are talking about importers of fabrics and textile products – the “white list” of importers of readymade garments is not planned, the newspaper notes.

Wednesday, 13 January, the Commerce Department asked the relevant organization Soyuzlegprom (unites manufacturers of linen, clothes, etc.) to fill in the corresponding form of the Federal customs service; * a copy of the letter is “News”.

This will allow FCS to apply the “risk profiles to the products supplied for the needs of Russian enterprises”, that is to pass through the border of those who brought fabric to the domestic mills, said the newspaper.

In a letter to the Ministry of industry and trade also said that, at this step, customs officers went, after analyzing previously provided by the Ministry “the list of enterprises that depend on supplies from the Turkish Republic.”

The Agency therefore requests Soyuzlegprom to provide information about the importers. In the form of FCS should indicate supplier, exporter, manufacturer and address, a recipient, codes of products and their designation, said the newspaper.

“The idea is to have an accurate picture of who with what products work, the next step is to identify those who will continue to supply products from Turkey, and who should refocus on supplies from other countries”, – said “news” the President of Souzslavprom Andrey Razbrodin.

He said that while Russian manufacturers cannot completely abandon Turkish fabric. But he added that an official ban on transporting textiles from Turkey, although importers have bought the product anyway since November are on the border, so the situation is systemic in nature, so solve it that way.

At the end of November 2015 the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on sanctions against Turkish companies after the incident with the Russian su-24 bomber, was shot down by the Turkish air force on November 24. The decree, in particular, forbade the employment of Turkish citizens, has imposed restrictions for Turkish firms, and prohibited tour operators to sell tours to the country and to organize charters.

December 28 was published a decree on the extension of sanctions against Turkish companies, signed by the President. The document prohibits or limits the performance of Turkish organisations of separate kinds of works on the territory of Russia. And these restrictions apply not only to companies under the jurisdiction of Turkey, but also to those that are controlled by Turkish nationals.