Media: “Cubaexport” allowed to be registered in the U.S. trademark Havana Club rum

Media: “Cubaexport” allowed to be registered in the U.S. trademark Havana Club rum

NEW YORK, January 16. /Corr. Alexey Kachalin/. The patent and trademark office has granted the authorities of Cuba the right to register in the market States the trademark of the famous rum brand Havana Club. This was reported in the Friday newspaper the Wall Street Journal.

To her knowledge, the license granted to the state enterprise “Cubaexport” “only 15 days”. However, the “Cubaexport” sent a request to the Bureau for renewal of license at least 10 years. “As expected, the request is granted”, – notes the edition. In the Bureau the newspaper said that this decision “will not have any impact on the business because of the embargo” that prohibited sale in the United States Cuban food, alcohol and tobacco products.

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However, due to the normalization of relations between Washington and Havana soon that Cuban goods will open the way to the U.S. market, the newspaper writes. According to him, this fact will inevitably exacerbate a trade dispute between the Cuban-French company Havana Club International and other producer of rum – Bacardi.

Both companies are trial for the right to become the sole owner of the famous brand Havana Club in the USA. Bacardi sells Havana Club in the States since 1994, purchasing the rights from the founders of rum production, who fled to Cuba in the 1960-ies. Havana Club International has been forced to sell their products under the brand Avanista designed exclusively for the American consumer.

In January 2015 the administration of President Barack Obama visiting the island allowed American citizens to acquire in Cuba and import into the country of rum and cigars, provided that their value does not exceed $100.

As previously reported from Havana, the Cuban Havana Club takes the 24th place in the world in the list of 100 best-selling alcoholic beverages. Its sales reach 36 million liters per year in over 140 countries, mainly in Germany, France, great Britain, Italy and Chile. Almost 80% of this rum comes to the European market, 15% is sold in Latin America and Canada, and the rest in Asia, Africa and Oceania.