Italian businessman: investment in Russia is a perfect option

Italian businessman: investment in Russia is a perfect option

Foreign entrepreneurs involved in projects in Russia, note that to do business here profitably, and to develop the project and begin its implementation is possible in a very short period of time, writes Il Giornale.

MOSCOW, 17 Jan –. Russia is a perfect option for investment, and there are several confirmations, writes the Italian edition of Il Giornale, citing the opinion of an Italian businessman, founder of the hotel group Domina Ernesto Preatoni.

In Russia, stable political situation, a calm social atmosphere, small public debt, low taxes and still low property prices, said Ernesto Preatoni.

In Russia, says the businessman, it is possible to develop the project and start its implementation in very short in comparison with Italy time. According to Preatoni, he turned his attention to Egypt and the Baltic States on Russia and has developed projects in several cities: after the hotel in St. Petersburg opened the hotel in Novosibirsk.

Other businessmen from Italy share the opinion of Ernesto Preatoni that do business in Russia profitable – they are invested in real estate and construction throughout the country. Hotel complexes that are owned by Italians, built in Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Tyumen, the newspaper reports.

“From time to time, we come to Siberia to follow the activities of the Siberian construction company, and quite effective, we are also surprised by the fast processing of documentation. We were struck by the fact that at the highest level, which requires high professionalism, we solved the case with women” — quoted by Il Giornale engineer Giuseppe Rustignoli, owning jointly with the architect emiliano Sakka Studio R+S Workshop.

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