The Finance Ministry urged Russians are ambitious to compete for positions in AIIB

The Finance Ministry urged Russians are ambitious to compete for positions in AIIB

The office for national membership must be proportionate, to avoid dominance of members of one jurisdiction, said zamupravlyayuschego Central from the Russian Federation in the AIIB Sergei Storchak. According to him, the Ministry of Finance will provide support to prospective applicants from Russia.

BEIJING, 17 Jan. The Finance Ministry calls for ambitious educated Russians to participate in the competition for filling vacancies within the unit established in Beijing the Asian infrastructure investment Bank (AIIB), reported to journalists the Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia, Deputy Manager from the Russian Federation in the AIIB Sergei Storchak.

Representatives of 57 countries-founders of the Bank on Saturday in Beijing gave the official start of its work. Created at the initiative of China, the Bank becomes one of the largest financial institutions in the world with a stated capital of $ 100 billion. Russia is the third largest party in the Bank after China and India, having received a 5.92% stake in equity. China and India possess 26,06% and 7.5% in the capital of the AIIB, respectively.

“Periodically on the Bank’s website there is information on careers. The last such information was published on 25 December and concerned two dozen vacancies. We encourage ambitious knowledgeable Russians to pay attention to it. Go to the site to see what suits them, to make application and this application in duplicate to the Ministry of Finance in the Department of international financial relations so that we can somehow intervene in the process, to support the recruitment of representatives of the Russian Federation in the phone Bank,” Storchak told journalists.

He noted that the staff of the Bank, by its geographical and ethnic composition should be proportional, there must be domination of representatives of one jurisdiction. “And such a common understanding (in the Bank — ed). But it is desirable that this understanding was supplemented by practical actions,” he said.

A similar appeal to specialists from around the world came on Sunday, the President of AIIB Jin Liqun. “As a development institution, we definitely need professionals who can occupy various positions. If you look at the website, it hosts a large number of vacancies. I call upon experts from around the world to send their requests. We would be very happy if we had talents from all over the world, no matter from countries participating in the Bank or not. Recruitment will be a very transparent process,” assured Jin Liqun.

Storchak added that the specialists of the Chinese language can have some advantages when applying for this job, but it is not a requirement. The working language in ABII — English.

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