Chinese companies prepared for surge in birth rates in the year of the Monkey

Moscow. January 18. Many Chinese families especially are planning for a baby in the year of the Monkey will begin on 8 February, according to the local calendar, and companies that provide products and services for young parents, expect a rise in revenue, reports Bloomberg.

According to Chinese horoscope, people born in the year of Monkey, distinguished by intelligence, wit and charm. This year is considered more prestigious for the birth of the child than the outgoing year of the Sheep or following the year of the Rooster. The impact of the horoscope on fertility in China is still large: for example, in the year of the Dragon are born almost 2% more children than in other years.

The number of bookings in the maternity hospital in Beijing Harmonicare owned Medical Holdings, for the period after 8 February jumped 30%, according to the company. Meanwhile, the German pharmaceutical company Merck AG reported increased sales of drugs from infertility in China at the end of last year.

“I am sure that the number of newborns in China will increase significantly in 2016, says Vice-President of Harmonicare Zhen Wei. His company is the country’s largest operator of private maternity homes. In Chinese tradition the year of the Sheep is considered the least successful in terms of the child’s birth, so many parents delayed pregnancy until the new year.”

An additional positive effect on the birth rate in China may have the refusal of the government of the country from the policy of “one family – one child”, introduced in 1979. According to estimates by Credit Suisse, such measures can increase the number of births in the country for 3-6 million per year starting in 2017.

According to the forecast of the research company Euromonitor, sales of baby food, including milk, in China will double by 2020, reaching 307,8 billion yuan ($46.7 billion).