Mironov: the Federation Council refused to create a parliamentary group on the law on the Federal Assembly

MOSCOW, January 18. The Federation Council has responded negatively to the proposal of the leader of “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov to create the inter-parliamentary working group to discuss law “On the Federal Meeting.” This was announced on Monday Mironov, a statement published on the website of the party.

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According to spywares, he received a reply signed by first Vice speaker of the Federation Council of Nikolay Fedorova. “With reference to what the appeal of the proposal to establish an inter-parliamentary working group note that at present the regulations of the chambers of the Federal Assembly directly this form of interaction is not provided” – is the quotation from the document on the website of the “Fair Russia”.

Mironov noted that he was surprised such an approach. “Do Duma deputies and senators are not able to cooperate in the preparation and finalization of the draft aimed at regulating the activities of both chambers? I think the answer is obvious: Yes, you can. Moreover, they should be interested in this”, – he stressed.

According to the leader of just Russia, to work on the bill, obviously would have without the participation of members of the Federation Council. “To me this seems not quite logical: as it concerns the regulation of activities of both chambers,” said Mironov.

The draft Federal constitutional law “On the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation” was made by Mironov, in consideration of the lower house in October last year. As noted in the explanatory Memorandum, prepared by the initiative for development of the provisions of the Constitution on the Parliament and ensure the necessary volume of legal regulation of parliamentary activity.

The draft law spells out the main principles of activity of the Federal Assembly, is determined by its composition, the conduct of chambers of the Federal Assembly, the status of a member of the Federation Council and state Duma Deputy. In addition, the draft law establishes the legal basis for the activities of the parliamentary opposition. Thus, in particular, stipulated a guaranteed right of the opposition to be represented proportionately on committees and commissions of the state Duma and other bodies of the chamber, the right to a proportional election to leadership positions in the Duma, and the equal and free access to media, including those established by governmental authorities.

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko said earlier that the question of the adoption of this Federal constitutional law needs active discussion with experts, including requires the interpretation of the constitutional court.