The collapse in oil prices will increase the influx of migrants to Europe

The collapse in oil prices will increase the influx of migrants to Europe

Moscow. January 18. Falling prices for raw materials threatens to seriously worsen economic conditions in developing countries and lead to a new wave of migrants in Europe, says the President and founder of the world economic forum Klaus Schwab.

“Let’s see how many countries in Africa depend on export of oil, – quotes its words Bloomberg. – Now imagine that 1 billion people who live there, will move to the North.”

The main direction of discussions about the collapse of the commodity markets are the possible consequences for the economy and markets, however, according to Schwab, this can also lead to “significant social crisis”.

According to the International organization for migration released in late December, in 2015 the number of arrivals in European countries migrants and refugees has exceeded 1 million, four times more than in 2014.

In particular, to Greece via Turkey profits more than 820 thousand migrants, 455 thousand of them – came from Syria, more than 186 thousand from Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, according to the IOM, almost 3.7 thousand people died on the way to Europe in the Mediterranean sea.

In the Report’s global risks in 2016, which will form the agenda of the WEF, large-scale forced migration named one of the major threats to world development. She leads the list of the most probable risks, the probability and the impact of this risk are also increasing faster than all other

46th world economic forum in Davos will take place January 20-23.

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