The the RTS and MICEX indexes closed mixed, the price of Brent remained below $29 per barrel

The the RTS and MICEX indexes closed mixed, the price of Brent remained below $29 per barrel

MOSCOW, January 18. The stock indices of the Russian Federation ended on Monday multidirectional movement. So, the MICEX index (MICEX) by the end of trading on the Moscow stock exchange rose 0.87% to 1622,43 points, and RTS has decreased on 0,93% to 646,9 item.

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The cost of futures for oil of mark Brent during trading on the exchange ICE in London for delivery in February fell by 0.41% to $28,82 per barrel. However, in the morning before the opening of the Russian stock market the price of Brent crude fell by 3.7%, falling below $28 per barrel.

“Just an hour after the start of trading the bulls managed to seize the initiative and bring the MICEX index in small plus. The RTS index reduced the rate of decline, but continues to run in the “red zone”. Sedative for investors was the relative stabilization of the situation in the oil market where a barrel of Brent crude after dipping below $28 per barrel was able to recover positions,” explains the dynamics of the Russian market, the expert of “BCS Express” Vasiliy Karpunin.

The ruble

However, the dollar-denominated RTS index has kept falling due to the falling ruble against the background of falling oil prices. So, the dollar in Monday exceeded two pins 78 and 79 rubles for the first time since December 2014, while the Euro rose above 86 rubles.

“The potential short-fall in the ruble is now small. The activity of importers and exporters on the exchange, judging by the volumes have declined, dominate the market, mostly hedgers and not to speculators, making the market less volatile. No panic, which means that there is reason to believe that in the event of a rebound of oil prices, the strengthening of the ruble will be more prominent. At a price of 35 dollars a barrel we may see the dollar in district 66 rubles”, – predicts the head of Department of operations on the Russian stock market IR “freedom Finance” George Vashchenko.