Analyst: oil prices stabilize in 2017-2018

Analyst: oil prices stabilize in 2017-2018

A new surge in oil prices is expected in 2018, said the French expert Pierre Terzian, noting that stabilisation on the oil market should begin already in 2017.

BRUSSELS, 19 Jan – sislo. Stabilization of world prices for oil will occur in 2017, or late 2018, according to the expert of the oil market, the President-General Director of the prestigious French magazine specializing in the analysis of world market of hydrocarbons, Petrostrategies Pierre Terzian.The survey

How much will the lifting of sanctions against Iran in the world oil market?

  • Almost not affected, and the market is so oversaturated
  • The situation will worsen, prices will fall even more
  • Affected, but in the long term, when Iran will establish a production
  • It will be a blow to oil-producing countries

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