In the state Duma proposed to replace the small business first penalty to a warning

Moscow. On 19 January. The head of the Russian state Duma Committee on economic policy, innovative development and entrepreneurship Anatoly Aksakov has offered to replace the small business, the fine for a warning, if the violation is admitted for the first time.

“We are now in the State Duma considered changes to the Code of administrative offences. We expect there to prescribe a rule that, firstly, introduces the procedure of the first warning, that is not punishment for some misdeeds of small business. Then, if these violations continue, it is necessary to take measures, including financial, business,” – said Aksakov on Tuesday at the business forum “Small business – national idea?”, which is conducted by “OPORA Russia”.

The MP believes that it makes sense to consider measures of liability for unjustified inspections of small businesses.

Aksakov also noted that the interviews with representatives of small business, he has formed the impression that the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs arise at the regional and local level. “This is surprising, because local authorities, in theory, should be interested in small business development. This and tax revenues, and jobs,” he said.