Medvedev considers it possible to improve the charging mechanism with heavy vehicles

Medvedev considers it possible to improve the charging mechanism with heavy vehicles

GORKI, January 19. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev considers it possible to improve the mechanism for charging heavy vehicles for travel on Federal highways taking into account the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation on deduction from the vehicle tax.

“The question verhnetoemsky – he touches the Board with trucks weighing more than 12 t I Believe that this measure is necessary because the load on the road from heavy trucks and passenger cars are completely different and it is unfair if it is not taken into account”, – said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers at meeting on questions socially-economic development.

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However, he stressed that “the mechanism of implementation of this measure should be improved”. Medvedev recalled the instruction of the President to ensure the deduction of the transport tax for owners of heavy duty vehicles.

The Prime Minister noted that the differentiated tolls on roads of heavy trucks and passenger cars operating in many countries.

According to Medvedev, this issue “needs some work”. “In the Ministry of transport has established a working group on the basis of comments and proposals with the participation of the carriers, she did a lot of work, complicated work, in December a law was passed that reduced the fines on owners of heavy vehicles for violation of payment”, – has listed made of the Prime Minister. According to him, over the implementation of the presidential instruction on the definition of deductions from the transport tax are now working in the Ministry of Finance and transport.

“You need to know, how Affairs on this issue, before moving on,” he encouraged the participants of the meeting, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to abolish the vehicle tax for heavy vehicles that pay tolls on Federal highways. He hoped that the government will decide in early 2016.

In mid-November in Russia was put into action system “Platon”, providing the toll for heavy vehicles weighing more than 12 tonnes of tolls on Federal highways. Until March 1, 2016, trucks to pay 1,53 Euro for every kilometer, in the future, the rate will increase. It is planned that in 2016 the collection of payments will bring 40 billion rubles of This money will be spent on the repair of Federal highways.

Truckers from different regions held in the end of last year a number of protests against the charging of heavy trucks and demanded to enter the moratorium on action “Plato”.