Renault has specified the parameters of the feedback 15.8 thousand SUV Captur

Moscow. On 19 January. French automotive group Renault withdraws from the market about 15.8 thousand Captur SUV due to problems with the filtration system of the engines, said in a statement.

Earlier Tuesday, about the recall announced French ecology Minister ségolène Royal in an interview with RTL Radio.

The necessary operations will require approximately half workdays for each motor, reports Bloomberg.

Renault is actually a review back in December. The company expects that it will be possible to limit remediation to the Captur cars with diesel engine capacity of 110 HP, the Production of this model began in July last year, the problem was discovered in September and immediately corrected, according to Renault.

Only Renault has sold 2.8 million vehicles worldwide in 2015, including approximately 607 thousand in France.

The company does not expect that there will be the need for additional reviews of products from the market in connection with the filtration system. However, in the summer of 2016 about 700 thousand customers will have the opportunity to voluntarily donate cars to check and update software and control technology emissions.

Earlier in January, at the headquarters of Renault and the companies of the group in the cities of Lardy and Guyancourt were searched. Because these reports Renault has now lost 3.3 billion euros of capitalization.

Check linked to the investigation into the machinations of harmful engine emissions, first of all, we are talking about the NOx, the underestimation of the emission data which previously caused “scandal diesel” Volkswagen.