Renault will withdraw over 15 thousand cars from-for problems with engines

Moscow. On 19 January. French carmaker Renault will withdraw from the market more than 15 thousand cars to repair the filtration system of the engines, said on Tuesday French ecology Minister ségolène Royal in an interview with RTL Radio.

“Renault has pledged to withdraw 15 thousand vehicles for the improvement of the engines,” she said.

The necessary operations will require approximately half workdays for each motor, reports Bloomberg.

Press service of Renault has not responded to requests by Bloomberg for comment.

Earlier in January, inspectors from the DGCCRF (Direction generale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la repression des fraudes French authority responsible for competition, consumer marketing, which investigates cases of fraud) raided the headquarters of Renault, and also at the enterprises of the concern in the cities of Lardy and Guyancourt.

Check linked to the investigation into the machinations of harmful engine emissions, first of all, we are talking about the NOx, the underestimation of the emission data which previously caused “scandal diesel” Volkswagen.

According to French media, including newspaper Les Echos, the investigation can be extended to Ford and Mercedes.

Renault promised to cooperate with the investigation, the company emphasizes that an independent Commission previously found in its cars devices, lowered emissions of harmful substances during the tests.

In the course of trading on Tuesday, shares in Renault rose by 1.4%.