“Sheremetyevo” will not raise tariffs by 16%

Moscow. On 19 January. Airport “Sheremetyevo” is not going to raise tariffs by 16%, said General Director of JSC “international airport Sheremetyevo” Mikhail Vasilenko reporters on Tuesday.

“Inflation, not more,” he added, speaking about plans of indexation of tariffs for airport services.

The prospect of indexation of tariffs for services “the Sheremetyevo” 16% recently stated the head of FAS Igor Artemyev. He then warned the airport about the danger of such decision. Such a step, noted Artemyev, could discredit the recent decision of the FAS about deregulating activities of the airports of Moscow aviation hub.

“We (FAS) have spoken. No, we are not going 16% to raise tariffs”, – said Vasilenko.

He also told journalists that the decree of the government on consolidation “Sheremetyevo” should go out the other day. According to Vasilenko, investors have “some suspicion”, so the consolidation of assets “Sheremetyevo” can be tightened.

As reported, the decree on the consolidation of the assets of the airport “Sheremetyevo”, where private shareholders are TPS Avia Arkady Rotenberg, Alexander Ponomarenko and Alexander Skorobogatko, was signed by the President on August 28, 2015.

The government was given three months in conjunction with private owners to determine the composition of the property brought as the contribution of each non-state shareholder in the authorized capital of “Sheremetyevo”. The decree fixed the minimum share of the Russian Federation in the consolidated airport “Sheremetyevo”, the control in which there will be private investors in the amount of not less than 30%.