The MAYOR has developed a draft “road map” development of SMEs for the next 2 years

MOSCOW, January 19. The Ministry of economic development has prepared a draft “road map” of development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) over the next two years. This was announced by Deputy Minister of economic development of RF Oleg Fomichev at the entrepreneurial forum organized by “OPORA Russia”.

“Today, a draft “road map” of the 44 operations has been prepared and sent out. This week we will be getting together to discuss with the Federal authorities”, – he said.

He said that the government decided to restructure the work on the strategy of development of small and medium businesses up to 2030. As a result prepared the conceptual part of the priorities of the state policy for SME development and the draft road map.

According to him, there is an understanding that up to 2030 it is impossible to prescribe the details. “And the current situation does not allow, and our predictive capabilities in this sense are rather small. And overall strategy up to 2030 and 2035, but it is also still in early development,” he added.

Fomichev said that the road map a list of activities formulated in such a way that they do not repeat what is already being implemented.