The rate of the Ukrainian hryvnia on the interbank market has updated the historical minimum

Moscow. On 19 January. The hryvnia on the interbank currency market on Tuesday declined to 25.1 grn./$1 24,675 USD./$1 the previous working day, updating the historical minimum.

As have informed Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” dealers of commercial banks, market quotations in the final part of trading amounted to 25,0-25,2 USD./$1.

However, experts assume that in the next few days the course should be strengthened and stabilized around the level of 25 UAH./$1 by a resumption of inflows of export revenue.

The NBU attributed the sharp decline of the hryvnia in January with a delayed demand for foreign currency due to the large number of holidays.

The state budget of Ukraine for 2016 was adopted with the average annual rate of 24,1 USD./$1. According to the expectations of the Ministry of Finance, by the end of 2016 the national currency amounting to 24.4 UAH/$1.

As reported, according to the updated program EFF extended Fund facility of the International monetary Fund for Ukraine, the hryvnia to the dollar by the end of 2015 was forecast at the level of 23,5 USD./$1, by the end of 2016 – 24,4 USD./$1, by the end of 2017 – 24,9 USD./$1.

The official rate on January 19 – 24,64 USD./$1.