Euro soared above $ 90

Euro soared above $ 90

Moscow. January 20. The ruble strengthened fall on Wednesday evening on the Moscow exchange. In the course of trading the Euro overcame a mark of 90 rubles rubles amid falling oil prices.

20:28 Moscow time for one Euro give 90,07 ruble. During today’s trades the European currency gained more than four rubles.

The dollar reached a new historical maximum for the day, topping the mark 82 of the ruble. 20:28 American currency was worth 82,41, 3.8 ruble above the previous close.

Strengthening the fall in the price of oil is the main reason for the weakening of the ruble, according to experts of “Interfax-CEA”. March Brent futures are holding on Wednesday to near $28 per barrel is only slightly above the 12-year low of those quotations made on Monday morning.

On Tuesday, the International energy Agency published a report stating that it admits a further fall in oil prices in connection with access to the Iranian market and the slowdown in demand for raw materials.