Kiev has expanded predamage against Russia and wants to update the list of sanctions

Kiev has expanded predamage against Russia and wants to update the list of sanctions

From January 2016, Russia imposed a food embargo against Ukraine, because Kiev had supported anti-Russian sanctions. In response the Ukrainian side has introduced sanctions against Russia on a number of commodities that will last until 5 August.

KIEV, 20 Dec –. The government of Ukraine has expanded the list of Russian goods, import of which to Ukraine is prohibited. The updated list also includes about 70 commodities. According to trade representative of Ukraine, Deputy Minister of economic development and trade of Natalya Mykolska, the government expanded the assortment of vegetables and other products.

Russia from 1 January 2016 introduced against Ukraine food embargo for countries that supported sanctions against Russia. In turn, Kiev has stated that it is considering filing a WTO action against Russia due to the introduction of the food embargo. Ukraine also imposed against Russian retaliatory sanctions on a number of commodities that will last until August 5, or to cancel predamage on Ukrainian goods.

The country’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has also initiated the expansion of the list of individuals and legal entities that fell under sanctions from the Ukrainian side.

A new list of produbanco

Russia from the beginning of 2016 banned the import of Ukrainian meat, sausages, fish and seafood, vegetables, fruits, dairy products. In response, Kiev has approved a list of 43 three headings: a ban were baked goods, meats, cheeses, chocolate, beer, vodka, cigarettes with filter, food for dogs and cats and other goods. In addition, under the ban got the equipment for Railways and tramways and diesel-electric locomotives.

The state fiscal service of Ukraine stated that the citizens who will be allowed into the country banned goods out of Russia can be fined, goods will be withdrawn.

According to the Gaina, in the new list of prohibited Ukrainian products from the Russian Federation expanded the product line of vegetables that included sauces and ketchup, fish and confectionery. Approved the Cabinet list has not yet been published.

“We’re talking about food… We are expanding our product line of vegetables, we are expanding our product line — it’s the sauces and ketchups, additionally, the fish and us more confectionery”, — said the trade representative.

The Gaina maintains that after the embargo on the part of Kiev, were allegedly identified by the delivery to Ukraine of goods under other codes. In this regard, from Wednesday the Cabinet of Ministers introduced an embargo “on those products that are not even imported to Ukraine in the course of this year, in order to avoid supply under these codes of the goods in fact were prohibited.”

While the transit is allowed

The Ministry of economy of Ukraine has declared that Russia completely stopped the transit of goods from Ukraine, thus violating obligations under the WTO. However, later the head of the Federal customs service Andrei Belyaninov refuted claims by economic departments of Ukraine and informed that “transit possibilities left, and then, with regard to Ukrainian goods in the same Kazakhstan through Belarus agreed on the checkpoints”.

However, Kiev insists that the Ukrainian carriers are still experiencing problems with the transit of goods, in particular in Kazakhstan. As a result, the government was instructed to organize an alternative route of delivery of goods to the countries of Asia.

At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities have assured that do not intend to close the transit of Russian goods through its territory. “Ukraine kept, observed and will observe the basic principles of the functioning of international trade laid down in the WTO agreements and the principles embodied in the free trade agreements with our trading partners, including the Association with the European Union. We will not prohibit the transit through the territory of Ukraine, because we believe that transit is a fundamental part of international trade,” said a Gaina journalists.

On the morning of Wednesday, the Moldovan media reported about the gathering on the Ukrainian-Russian border, trucks with goods, which are sent to Moldova through Ukraine. It is reported that the Russian trucks with goods for about a week stopped at the border. Confirm this information have not yet succeeded neither in Ukrainian customs, nor the government. The Ukrainian Embassy in Moldova reported that they are trying to clarify the situation.

Sanctions list could be extended

At the government meeting on Wednesday, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk also proposed to expand the list of individuals and legal entities of the Russian Federation, against which Kiev has imposed sanctions.

“I appeal to the Ministry of justice and the Minister of foreign Affairs (Pavlo Klimkin), invite members of the so-called sanctions Committee, let’s prepare new proposals to the meeting of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine from the Cabinet of Ministers on expansion of the list of natural and legal persons, to which Ukraine will impose sanctions”,- said Yatsenyuk at the government meeting on Wednesday.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in September 2015 enacted sanctions against Russia. Different types of sanctions, from restrictions on entry into the country before the arrest of the property that were imposed for a period of one year. Initially, the sanctions list included 388 individuals, but later six names were seized. Now the list includes 382 individuals and 105 legal entities. the list includes, in particular, 28 25 Russian banks and airlines.

At the end of November last year, the Minister of information policy Yuriy stets said that the working group referred the proposal to amend the list of persons in respect of which Ukraine has imposed sanctions, the national security Council and defense (NSDC), Ministry of foreign Affairs and the security Service of Ukraine (SBU).