Media: Jordan is hoping to sign a nuclear contract with Rosatom by the end of 2017

MOSCOW, January 20. Jordan expects to sign a contract with Rosatom to build the country’s first NPP by the end of 2017. On it informs Agency Bloomberg with reference to the head of the atomic energy Commission of Jordan, Khaled Tukan.

“We are now in the final stages of discussions, since it is necessary to agree on the final price of electricity, this will depend on the financing of the project, said the Toucan. – Expect to sign a contract by the end of 2017”.

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According to Toucan, the capital of the project will be divided between three countries – China, Jordan and Russia, in which they will receive 30%. Still 70% in the project company will make loan funds.

“Now we are working on a financing scheme with Russia and China,” said Toucan. He also added that for 10 years Russia will be the main supplier of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants, then the new provider will be selected by competitive bidding. He believes that Russia and China will become equal owners of shares in the Jordanian NPP project, the payback period which, in the opinion of the Toucan, will be about 18 years.

Currently work continues at the stage of pre-investment period, analysis of project Economics. Earlier “Rosatom” reported that once these works will be carried out, you can proceed to a more detailed discussion of the project, including final financial schemes of its implementation.

Meanwhile, last fall, Khaled Toukan reported that participation in the financing of the NPP project in the Kingdom can take Chinese banks, providing it 50% and get the proportion of about 30%. The construction of two nuclear power units is estimated at $10 billion.

According to Tukan, Russia, Jordan and China until the end of 2015, planned to sign a tripartite agreement on commercial partnership for the project of NPP construction in Jordan, involving Chinese financing.

The tender for NPP construction in Jordan “Rosatom” has won in November 2013, beating rival Japanese – French consortium Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Areva.

At the end of September last year the two countries signed a pre-agreement for this project.

The financing scheme is not yet defined.

Previously discussed the possibility of establishing a joint venture in which the Jordanian side would own 51% of the shares, and Rosatom (or its firm) – 49%. Such a financing scheme is being implemented by Rosatom in Finnish NPP project “Hanhikivi-1”, where the Corporation received 34% of the shares.

In the Kingdom, plans to build a NPP consisting of two power units of 1000 MW each.

Building a nuclear power plant would enable Jordan not only to meet energy requirements, but also will provide opportunities for exports to other countries – Syria and Iraq.