Medvedev: the government is discussing methods of fighting inflation

Medvedev: the government is discussing methods of fighting inflation

The question of the importance of low inflation raised the rector of Ranepa Vladimir Mau. According to him, the decline to 5% – structural measure, as it will affect credit availability.

HILL, 20 Jan. The government continues to debate about how to reduce inflation, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“The question is, what to do in particular this year with inflation rates, because on this account there is a debate on the government”, — Medvedev said on Wednesday at a meeting with members of the expert Council under the RF government on economic policy.

The theme of the importance of measures to reduce inflation raised the rector of the ranepa under the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Mau. “The decline in inflation from 16% to 20% is this cash measure. Decline to 4-5% is undoubtedly a structural measure, because another the availability of credit, effectiveness. There is a debate,” — said the rector of the Academy.

“You think this is possible in the current circumstances, when there was a weakening of the ruble and the oil price?”- asked Medvedev.

“Technically, Yes. And economically, it is likely that the timing should be slightly pushed back, but that is a task to which we aspire, we are not the country that is ready the next 15 years to live in conditions of double-digit inflation — that is very important to fix,” said Mau.

“That is certainly true, it in all documents recorded,” said Medvedev.