Miratorg has received permission for export of beef to Iran

Moscow. January 20. Miratorg, one of the largest meat producers in Russia, received the right to export beef to Iran, said Deputy Minister of agriculture Sergei Levin told reporters on Wednesday in Moscow.

He said, this is the first Russian company which received the right to export meat to Iran.

Referring to other issues that were discussed during the visit, the Deputy Minister said that much attention was paid to the expansion of Russian grain. “Our grains have enormous opportunities to increase the presence in the Iranian market,” said Levin, noting that in the past grain year Russia delivered to Iran 2.2 million tons of grain, including 1.3 million tons of wheat.

“If we remove about 30% of (Iranian imports of grain), it will be a great success, but you can achieve much more”, – said S. Levin. He also recalled that Iran annually imports more than 12 million tons of grain, including 6-7 million tons of wheat.

According to S. Levin, the nomenclature of Russian goods for supply in Russia is quite wide. The Iranian side expressed the desire to buy vegetable oil, sugar and other products.

APH “Miratorg”, founded in 1995, is one of the leading manufacturers of pork and mixed fodder in Russia and one of the main operators on the Russian food market.

The holding includes grain companies, feed mills, grain elevators, 27 big automated pig farms, meat-processing enterprise ZAO “the Pig farm Korocha”, transport company, five modern low-temperature automated distribution centers, distribution company with branches in major cities of the country. The amount of completed investment exceeds 100 billion rubles. The company operates in 15 Russian regions, has more than 16 thousand clients.