OTLK will be a company with no assets, RZD will bring the action

OTLK will be a company with no assets, RZD will bring the action

The conclusion from the joint transport and logistics company of shares of “TransContainer” and “Russian Railways Logistics” will provide an opportunity for high earnings, said President of RZD Oleg Belozerov, noting that the company thus will be able to operate transit potential.

MOSCOW, 20 Jan. RZD plans to withdraw from the United transport and logistics company, created the Railways of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan made there of the action “the TransContainer and RZD Logistics”, said President of RZD Oleg Belozerov on Wednesday.

“We contributed assets “TransContainer and RZD Logistics”. Accordingly, we believe that they will need to return and leave all this grouped with the top add-on functionality… We believe that a “light” version (without assets — ed.) more dynamic and in the current situation will give the possibility of large earnings. With the pooling of assets — heavy, without asset — light. Accordingly, it will be the company that will operate the transit potential, ” Belozerov told reporters on the sidelines of the forum “Support of Russia”.

Registration of UTLC held on 13th November 2014. RZD at the first stage made it 50% in TransContainer and 100% of “Russian Railways Logistics”, the other shareholders — the Kazakh and Belarusian Railways — a million dollars. In the second phase of the railway Kazakhstan and Belarus were expected to contribute to UTLC shares of several subsidiaries. In particular, the Belarusian Railways — terminals in Brest and assets “Belintertrans”.

“Easy” format

Belozerov noted that the format of creation of the JTLC gave the possibility of more than one and a half times to increase the flow of containers.

“With regard to the mechanism of the JTLC, we contributed the assets, but given the changing situation, because it is dynamic, and the assets are always binding to something, felt it necessary including to level par, the decision making system. At the moment we have decided (with the guidance of the Railways of Kazakhstan — ed.) to inform our government, to speak further with our Belarusian colleagues, explaining the situation, and to make (“easy option” — ed.)”, — said the President of RZD.

Belozerov explained that for railroads that participated in the creation of the JTLC, more important stream, and it needs more number of carriers to attract and not to create a conflict of interest.

“(JTLC — ed.) is the operator. We now consider that the minimum set of assets to ensure. But this is the second phase,” said President of RZD.

Other participants

Belozerov also commented on the possibility of entering the JTLC new countries. Now there participating Railways of the three countries: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

“We’re still discussing. We attitude to this issue has not yet developed. The integration process was the Customs Union — now the Eurasian economic Union,” said the head of Russian Railways.

He recalled that in the Union there are new participants. “But we are not connected by Railways directly,” added the head of Russian Railways.