Putin is ready to discuss the rules on illegal business

Putin is ready to discuss the rules on illegal business

If the article of the criminal code on illegal business activities interfere with business, you need to understand the situation, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This law is aimed at protecting fair business, said the head of state.

MOSCOW, 20 Jan. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was ready to discuss the provisions of the criminal code “illegal entrepreneurship” if they interfere with bona fide business.

Vice-President of the organization “OPORA Rossii” said at a business forum attended by Putin on Wednesday that there is a contradiction between the Constitution’s freedom of entrepreneurship (article 34) and the article about a criminal illegal entrepreneurship (article 171, to five years imprisonment).

“The Constitution really enshrines the right to engage in entrepreneurial activities, freedom. But criminal law is about illegal business. We have the same law does not mean that all of the illegal enterprise, criminal prosecution is subject to illegal entrepreneurship”, — said the President.

“Let’s get this straight…. If we are talking about illegal business and something’s bothering you, then you need to understand the legal machinery, as it is written,” — said Putin and added that this law is aimed at protecting fair business, is designed “to protect all of us here in this hall against unfair competition”

“If this law acts in the opposite direction, hinders entrepreneurial activity, let’s look at this. I’m ready and I think you are right, we need to look carefully. But in General, this law aims to help law-abiding people working in business, who don’t violate anything. Any clandestine activities to the detriment of those who work within the law”, — added the head of state.