Russia reduced investments in U.S. bonds by $20 billion

Russia reduced investments in U.S. bonds by $20 billion

In November 2014, Russia was owned by American securities at $ 108 billion, at the moment Moscow has U.S. bonds at 88 billion.

WASHINGTON, 20 Dec –. Russian Federation for the year (November 2014 to November 2015) reduced investments in U.S. government bonds to $ 20 billion, follows from the monthly report of the Ministry of Finance of the USA.

In November 2014, the Russian Federation owned American securities with a total cost of 108 billion dollars. However, from December 2014 to gradually reduce their amount, in the end, in April 2015 she had papers to 66.5 billion. From may that figure began to rise again. In November 2015, the Russian Federation acquired the securities for $ 6 billion. Now a total cost of $ 88 billion dollars, providing Russia 15th place among foreign investors.

The largest investors in U.S. debt securities remain China and Japan. Their share is relatively stable. China for the year to November 2014 has increased the volume of reserves in American debt securities 14 billion – up to 1,264 trillion dollars. Thus, from October to November it acquired the securities to USD 10 billion.

Japan in annual calculation has reduced this figure to 97 billion dollars – to 1,144 trillion. For November, its share declined by 5.5 billion dollars.

Just for November, foreign residents increased their assets in U.S. government bonds by 78 billion dollars, thus the foreign state are the owners of the securities in the amount of 6,125 trillion dollars. In November 2014 this figure was $ 11 billion less.