The court of Romania found no corpus delicti in the frameworks of “LUKOIL”

The court of Romania found no corpus delicti in the frameworks of “LUKOIL”

Moscow. January 20. The County court ashes in Romania has not seen crime structure in activity of the subsidiaries of LUKOIL – Petrotel Lukoil and Lukoil Europa Holding.

As they say in the message of the Russian company, on 12 January the court dismissed the indictment transmitted by the Prosecutor in a criminal case in respect of these enterprises, and also the number of their employees.

In addition, on 19 January the court of appeal of Ploiesti dismissed the appeal of the Prosecutor against the decision. Thus, the case will be returned to the Prosecutor’s office.

“This decision was made by the court of the County Prahova, in the absence of descriptions of the criminal element in the actions of the accused, as well as a number of violations during the process of investigation”, – stated in the message.


Romania Prosecutor’s office opened a case against six top managers Petrotel-LUKOIL (which owns a refinery in Romania) and Lukoil Europe Holdings, accusing them of money laundering, improper use of credit, as well as to aiding and abetting money laundering and, consequently, the damage in the amount of 1.8 billion euros.

Proceedings have been initiated against the Director of Petrotel-LUKOIL Bogdanov, Deputy Alexey Voicewe, Olga’s Cousin and Dana Dulescu, chief accountant of the company of Doral DECT, as well as member of the Board of Directors of the company Andrei Rata.

According to the Prosecutor, in 2011-2014, the suspects used the credit and wealth of the Petrotel-LUKOIL in order to obtain benefit for companies, where they owned the share (directly or indirectly). According to the Prosecutor, the suspects signed on behalf of the Petrotel-LUKOIL contracts to purchase oil and concluded deals for the supply of petroleum products at unprofitable prices for the company that resulted in losses.