The dollar crossed the mark of 81 ruble, surpassing the high of December 2014

The dollar crossed the mark of 81 ruble, surpassing the high of December 2014

MOSCOW, January 20. The dollar against the ruble on the Moscow stock exchange increased in comparison with level of closing previous trading 2.48 RUB 81,04 rubles, exceeding the maximum of 16 December 2014 on the mark to 80.1 rubles. more Expensive than the dollar was worth only to the denomination of the ruble in 1998

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At the exchange rate of the CBR on 30 December 1997 the dollar was worth 5 thousand 960 rubles.

The Euro jumped 2,69 rbl. and has reached the level at 88,41 RUB.

The ruble depreciates after oil, which has lost all yesterday’s growth. The cost of futures for oil of mark Brent with delivery in March 2016 on the stock exchange ICE in London fell today by 2.99% to 27.9 dollars per barrel. Yesterday the price of Brent rose above $ 30 dollars.

External background sharply negative after the new wave of reduction of prices on oil, said the head of Department of operations on the Russian stock market IR “freedom Finance” George Vashchenko. “At the end of the day the benchmark of 80.5-81 rubles per dollar. I believe that the chances to strengthen the ruble by means of interventions little help from the Central Bank may not be earlier than the rate reaches 84 rubles”, – said the expert.

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You should pay attention to published reports on the eve of the OPEC and the IEA, adds analyst Nordea Bank Dmitry Savchenko. “The main thoughts that tried to convey both these of Institute, – hard times for the market will remain for a long time. The supply side remains strong, the major producers except the USA demonstrate a significant reduction of production. This increases the risk on the demand side, with the beginning of the new year, yet again, the stimulus becomes China. That is, the substitution of U.S. supplies Iran with stagnating demand growth pushes the balancing market in 2017,” he said.

The International energy Agency (IEA) published a report stating that the lifting of sanctions with Iran and return the country to the oil market strengthens fight for the demand for oil in Europe. According to Agency estimates, the target amount of supply of Iranian oil to the Mediterranean refineries could reach 250 thousand barrels/day. This, according to experts IEA, will increase competition in the region between the oil suppliers such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. By the end of the first quarter of Iran can increase the supply of oil on the world market by 300 thousand barrels/day.

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