The dollar has updated the historical maximum

The dollar has updated the historical maximum

Earlier in the day the Russian currency has already approached to a historical maximum of December 2014, but eventually fell to the level of 79.9 per ruble. Such dynamics is associated with the oil prices.

MOSCOW, 20 APR –. The dollar renewed its historical maximum on the weak dynamics of prices for oil grade Brent and exceeded 80.1 ruble.

The dollar calculations “tomorrow” on 14.12 GMT environment grew to 1.59 ruble — to 80,16 ruble (already up to 80,295 ruble), Euro — 1.81 — 87,53 to ruble, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange.

The previous historical maximum was kept from 16 December 2014 and amounted to 80.1 ruble.

The January futures for oil of mark Brent fell on 2,21% — to 28,12 dollars per barrel.