The government will adjust the anti-crisis plan

Moscow. January 20. The government will continue implementing anti-crisis plan with the development of the situation in recent weeks, some of the measures in it will be new, some will have to give up, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“We are preparing proposals, including, in fact, a continuation of a plan to support the economy, which worked in the past year. The event thus developed, that some time ago, it appeared that it is possible to do without a special plan, to translate the work of the government in this routine is the standard view”, – Medvedev said at a meeting with members of the Expert Council under the government.

He added: “the Government will continue to work as part of a plan to support the economy, as it is sometimes called, anti-crisis plan, which should include a range of activities, a number of activities to continue, from some of the activities planned last year to give up.”