The Russians started to spend savings on everyday expenses

The Russians started to spend savings on everyday expenses

Moscow. January 20. In the past year the Russians to save often limit themselves in purchases and purchased more cheap goods than ever before, reported by sociologists according to a survey conducted by VTSIOM.

The survey was conducted December 26-27, 2015 among 1,600 people in 130 populated localities in 46 regions of the country.

According to his results, nearly two-thirds (63%) of Russians in recent times (the period from one month to six months) began to withdraw from the purchase of certain products, goods and services or less likely to buy them. More than half (59%) surveyed began to choose cheaper products.

A third (32%) of survey participants started to buy products for future use. In January of this past year such tactics adhered to 39% of the respondents. A quarter (26%) of respondents on daily spending began to leave the accumulated savings.

Every third (33%) Russians in light of the financial problems began for the search of better paid work, earnings or went into business. As many (33%) began to grow more fruits and vegetables on their plots, breeding bird and make more blanks.

Almost a quarter (24%) of respondents reported that in recent years they have started to borrow money at relatives and acquaintances, one in five (20%) started making purchases on credit. As many (20%) of the respondents were receiving uncompensated care from relatives and friends.

One of the most unpopular anti-crisis measures was the accumulation of funds in a currency or store of money in the Forex account: only 9% of Russians said that they will postpone foreign currency. To the sale of the property and personal belongings ran 5% of the respondents.