Banks have stocked up on foreign currency and is ready to excessive demand

Banks have stocked up on foreign currency and is ready to excessive demand

MOSCOW, January 21. /Corr. Danis Jumabaev/. Russian banks are stocked with a sufficient number of currency and ready to excessive demand for foreign exchange operations, taking into account the reaction of citizens to the weakening of the ruble in previous years. However, analysts believe that increased demand for dollars and euros should be expected.

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The dollar against the ruble at the opening of trading on Thursday exceeded the high of 2014 almost 3 rubles and amounted to 84 rubles. More expensive the dollar was worth only to the denomination of the ruble in 1998 At the exchange rate of the CBR on 30 December 1997 the dollar was worth 5 thousand 960 roubles, the Euro Rate on the Moscow stock exchange reached 92 per ruble. On Friday, January 22, the CBR increased immediately by more than 4 rubles. the dollar and the Euro.

“Given the fluctuation in foreign currencies to the Russian ruble on the trading floors, the Bank is trying to pre-anticipate the emerging demand for foreign currencies and maintains minimum cash balances in the branches”, – said the Deputy Director of the Department of retail sales of ROSBANK Tahir Minazetdinov.

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The demand for foreign currency has increased

“Today there is an increased interest of individuals to the exchange. Moreover, the clients how to sell large amounts of dollars and euros, and buying. In the near future activity of customers, most likely, will remain high,” predicts head of corporate conversion and regional development of the Bank Stanislav Makarov.

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Bank URALSIB also record the increase in the demand for foreign currency, but do not expect a further rise in foreign exchange activity.

“Based on previous experience that the population has already received repeatedly, the exchange activity is unlikely to grow,” believe in the credit institution. The Russians buy the currency average amount from 300 to 10 000 $ and from 1000 to 7000 in euros, explain in Bank of Moscow.

Meanwhile the largest Russian banks excessive demand do not celebrate. So, in Sberbank or VTB24 also don’t see the excitement in the offices due to changes in the exchange rate. “Deviations from standard levels of volumes of purchase/sale of foreign currency is not observed. In our offices, no hype due to changes of the ruble is not”, – have informed in Bank.

To buy there are no available funds

“Russians are not willing to buy at such rate currency, because I saw and other psychological levels… Most people bought currency is still on the first wave of devaluation, and now many sit in dollars,” explains the lack of excitement in a foreign currency analyst of Bank “Russian capital” Anastasia Sosnova.

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According to an analyst at Exness Sergey Kochergin, will show increased interest in foreign currency and Russian companies. “We see that the Russian economy is shrinking, and the only thing that can make the Corporation in this situation is to support the ongoing work, funds for new projects there,” he says.

Analysts believe that the situation of previous years, when the crowds were accumulating currency, it won’t. “The current situation is different from what it was in 2014. Then the Russians had a savings and stocks, so stocked currency,” Kochergin.

The shortage of currency does not promise

“The Bank regularly draws cash from abroad and always have a reserve,” says URALSIB.

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In Sberbank and VTB24 announced that it was prepared to satisfy customer demand for foreign currency in any amount. “We are ready to provide cash liquidity not only to demand from the Bank’s customers, but demand from partner banks”, – says head of Department of conversion operations of Bank “Opening” Artem Zotov, the credit institution which is an active operator of the banknote business. “At the moment the Bank of Moscow does not lack in cash foreign currency in cash desks. The work goes in a regular mode”, – calm in the Bank.

Buying the dollar in banks of Moscow on Thursday evening ranged 80-81 rubles, sale – in the corridor 86 – 87 rubles. Buy euros at the average RUR 87-88, 93-95 rubles, respectively.