“Psychological level” – 90: how did the rouble to Euro rate

“Psychological level” – 90: how did the rouble to Euro rate

MOSCOW, January 21. In the course of trading on 20 January the Euro for the first time since 2014 exceeded the threshold of 90 rubles per unit European currency. As of 12:30 GMT on 21 January, the exchange rate of the Euro rose on 5,06% level 93.7 per ruble.

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The story of course

The rouble to Euro rate was set on 1 January 1999. Then the European currency, introduced only in cashless treatment, was sold at USD 24,09 ruble. January 7 was set in 25,73 rate of ruble per Euro.

In the 2000s, the Euro strengthened against the ruble and the dollar, the threshold of 30 rubles per Euro has been overcome in half a year after its introduction in circulation on 20 June 2002 (30.01 per ruble), and the threshold of 35 rubles per Euro on may 7, 2003 (35,14 ruble).

During the global financial crisis first, the Euro was worth 40 rubles – on December 26, 2008 (40,19 ruble). He was then for the first time exceeds the level of 45 rubles: 30 January 2009 the Central Bank has set the Euro to 45,34 rubles.

The threshold of 50 rubles the Euro first broke on March 4, 2014 (50,15 ruble) against the background of events in Ukraine. As a result of falling oil prices on 6 November, the European currency began to cost more than RUB 55 (55,62 ruble), 29 November – more 60 rubles (ruble amounted 61.41), December 13 – 70 rubles (70,53 ruble).

In the course of trading on 16 December 2014 (this date later became known as “black Tuesday”) the Euro trades briefly jumped to $ 100, but the official rate has exceeded 80 rubles – on December 18, he was set at 84,59 ruble.

“Psychological level” of 85 rubles per Euro was overcome at auction in January of this year. One reason for this was the decrease in oil prices and negative dynamics of the Chinese shopping sites.

The Bank of Russia was established on January 21, the official Euro exchange rate in the amount of 87,03 ruble.