Source: report on Litvinenko will not remain without consequences for bilateral relations

Source: report on Litvinenko will not remain without consequences for bilateral relations

MOSCOW, January 21. “Illegal closure” of the London Litvinenko affair will not remain without serious consequences for bilateral relations. This was stated by the source.

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“There is an absolute unwillingness of the British to access the materials all their “games” with Alexander Litvinenko and some others settled in the UK of Russian citizens, – noted the source. – By the way, this is indicated by the fact that, in an effort to “close” the deal at our expense, London demonstrates the unwillingness to “sharpen” us bilateral relations. Actually it is obvious that on the banks of the Thames is still not ready for an open, equitable and mutually respectful discussion with Russia of serious issues”.

“Of course, “closing” the British side of things Litvinenko such uncivilized and illegitimate way will not remain without serious consequences for our bilateral relations”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

London wanted to close the Litvinenko case with extreme prejudice for dialogue with Moscow, said the source.

“The decision to suspend the open coroner’s inquest was taken by the British government, in particular, interior Minister Theresa may, in the midst of deteriorating bilateral political relations against the backdrop of the crisis in Ukraine and immediately after the incident with the Malaysian Boeing crash, said the source. – Therefore, it is difficult to consider this decision of the British side otherwise, as the aspiration in this context “close” this case maximum damage to our bilateral relations and at our expense”.

“Hysterical rhetoric of selected witnesses”

Britain could deliberately to issue visas to Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun, in order to hold them guilty for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. This was reported to Agency an informed source in Moscow.

“Available materials of public hearings indicates that they are based on hysterical rhetoric selected witnesses, including the anonymous “professional” Russophobes and deserters, said the source. – All evidence that is inconsistent with the practical version of the accusation and a lot of them were simply swept aside, including the fact that Russia is the only country in whose territory there is a Polonia”.

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“Apparently, the British side deliberately issued visas to Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun, and contrary to its own policy of denying visas to such persons (former employees of the Russian special services), then to assign blame, and then let them leave the country, knowing that Russia will not give, and so there will be criminal court, which inevitably would have to be open,” he said.

He also drew attention to a trend of deaths in British territory under mysterious circumstances of Russian citizens, which “worked” the British secret service. “The purpose of this “work” is necessary to guess only – he said. – We can assume that it is related to General deterioration of bilateral relations after the spring of 2003 we parted ways with the United States and Britain on the question of the war in Iraq”.

The source pointed to the fact that in the autumn of the same year, the British government, although had the opportunity to indefinitely delay the adoption of relevant decisions, went to the asylum to Berezovsky and Zakaev. “And they decided to cheat first refused them in the shelter knowing they would appeal the decision in court, and then granted it, citing the fact that the government loses in court”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

In his words, “there is reason to assume that British intelligence agencies were “working” with these persons with the expectation to interfere in Russian domestic political processes, to collect dirt on political figures, including for the purpose of blackmail. “As the developments, these attempts in what have not led and have failed in terms of the impact on policy of the Russian leadership, he added. – Therefore the conclusion is that intelligence agencies hide evidence of their own institutional incompetence, putting their corporate interests above the interests of the state”.

The Death Of Litvinenko

Granted asylum in the UK Alexander Litvinenko died in London on 23 November 2006. According to the examination, this occurred due to poisoning by radioactive polonium, but the circumstances of his death still not established and controversial. The lawyers of the widow of the deceased admitted that at the time of his death, he for several years for the money worked for UK intelligence agencies (foreign intelligence MI-6) and Spain. Shortly before his death he became a British citizen.