The Ministry will insist on the extension of the program of support of mortgage

Moscow. January 21. The Ministry of construction and housing will advocate for the extension of the program of subsidizing interest rates on mortgages.

“Even today it is obvious that this program has seriously affected the preservation of the mortgage. Our point of view, that in one form or another it is necessary to renew. We will discuss it, but it happens to be the Prime Minister to take a final decision on the results of the first quarter, you will see the results of the annual program”, – said the head of the Ministry Mikhail Men.

According to him, the Ministry of construction will discuss the extension of preferential mortgage in late February-March. “We will consider and sum up certain results of the final, because it works year – April to April, and even then watch how much money he had spent, as she worked,” explained the Minister.

As for the situation with foreign food, they are, according to Me, “not much.””The difference we do not in any way, the currency in which they took a mortgage loan. But my point is: since we live in Russia, you need to take loans – including mortgages – in national currency”, – said Men.

The Finance Ministry previously announced that the program of subsidizing interest rates on mortgages in the primary housing market won’t be extended, consider other measures of support.