Umahanov: Brasseur has exceeded the powers, having declared that Russia will not be able to work at PACE all year

Umahanov: Brasseur has exceeded the powers, having declared that Russia will not be able to work at PACE all year

MOSCOW, January 21. Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Ilyas Umakhanov believes that the head of the PACE Anne Brasseur has exceeded his authority, acting with “arrogant” statement on the law of the Russian delegation to work in the organization in 2016. The Vice President was circulated on Thursday, the press service of the chamber.

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Previously, Brasseur said that Russia in accordance with article 25 of the Charter of the Council of Europe and article 6 of PACE Regulations can not participate in the Assembly throughout 2016, as requested by the approval authority at the January session. The Brasseur confirmed that they had received appropriate treatment from the speakers of both chambers of the Russian Parliament Valentina Matvienko and Sergei Naryshkin.

“I think, Madam Brasseur unduly hurried with such a categorical conclusion, and has clearly exceeded their authority,” – said Umakhanov. He is confident that the provisions referenced by the head Assembly, do not give grounds for “excommunication” of the Russian delegation from the PACE. “It’s not only the opinion of the Russian side, it is the opinion of many foreign lawyers, representatives of several national delegations”, – said Vice-speaker of the Federation Council.

According to the Deputy head of the upper house, “the restlessness of Mrs. Brasseur” dictated “the confusion in connection with the firm decision by the Russian Parliament to declare the Russian delegation at this session that caught many by surprise”, and with the expiration of her term, which concludes on the first day of the session. “But that is no reason to act as the sole and infallible interpreter of the rules of procedure of PACE, making such presumptuous statements. Interpretation of the Assembly procedures must address the relevant Committee of the PACE. This, incidentally, is long-established practice,” – said Umakhanov.

He also believed that certain circles in PACE, Council of Europe, Brussels, the Russian presence is not desirable and they are not very concerned with legal matters, “relying still on political inertia and ideological solidarity.” “Let’s hope that the Assembly will demonstrate common sense, commitment to the rule of law in order to create conditions for the return of the Russian delegation in Strasbourg. Ultimately, it is in the common interest,” – said Umakhanov.

The Senator also confirmed the position of the Russian side about the interaction with the parliamentary Assembly in the present situation. “Refusing to participate in the PACE until, until you are fully restored to the rights and powers of our delegation, we are not shutting the door. And ready for a constructive dialogue with our opponents”, concluded the Vice-speaker of the Federation Council.