Gref: the average price of oil will be not below $30 per barrel

DAVOS, 22 January. The average price of oil will be not below $30 per barrel, told journalists the head of Bank Herman Gref on the sidelines of the Davos economic forum.

“We proceed from the assumption that the average annual price will not be below $30”, he said.

The head of Sberbank stressed that it did not expect long-term preservation of high volatility in the oil market.

“I think the volatility in the oil market by 5-6% per day it could not last. Will remain a volatile market, but not like now,” he said.

Gref noted that the balance of supply and demand on the world oil market, the fed’s policy will lead to the stabilization of the oil.

“While nobody is predicting a big rebound, but it all revolves around the level of $30-40 at the end of the year with a decline in volatility during the I-II quarter”, – said the head of the state Bank.

Sberbank sees no panic among customers due to jumps of the ruble, Gref said.

About Sberbank

Gref believes that the privatization of savings Bank in 2016 impractical.

“This year, I think it is not very realistic, as if talking about Sberbank, we need changes to the law and preparation for privatization. And of course, you need to find the right moment for this,” he said. Gref also noted that officially, the task of privatization of the Bank while nobody put.

According to him, Sberbank has no plans to open a representative office in Iran, but is ready to cooperate with Iranian banks.

“We have no plan for opening business in Iran. As for cooperation with Iranian banks, as soon as possible from the point of view of lifting of sanctions, we are ready for it,” said Gref.