Morgan Stanley has lowered its forecast for the ruble in 2016

Moscow. January 22. Morgan Stanley has revised downwards the forecast for the ruble in the period of 2016-2017 years, according to a review of the investment Bank.

According to analysts, the ruble continues to be heavily dependent on the dynamics of oil prices, so negative expectations regarding the prospects of the oil market resulted in the decrease of the expected value of the Russian national currency against the US dollar.

According to analysts Morgan Stanley, in the first quarter of 2016, the ruble exchange rate will reach 82 rubles/$1 (still a forecast 67,3 rubles/1), in the second quarter of 83 rubles./$1 (67,8 rubles/1), in the third quarter to 85 rubles/$1 (68,5 rubles/1), in the fourth quarter – 87 RUB/$1 (69 rubles/1).

A new forecast for 2017: in the first quarter the rouble exchange rate will be 85 rubles/$1 (still a forecast 69,3 RUB/1), in the second quarter – 80 RUB/$1 (69,5 RUB/1), in the third quarter – 78 rubles/$1 (69,5 RUB/1), in the fourth quarter – 76 rubles/$1 (69,5 RUB/1).