Sand: sharp fluctuations of the ruble and oil prices – the usual volatility

Sand: sharp fluctuations of the ruble and oil prices – the usual volatility

MOSCOW, January 22. Sharp fluctuations of the ruble and oil prices – this is the usual volatility, told reporters the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

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“It’s what economists call volatility, which is caused primarily by factors associated with international environment and domestic economic factors. It takes place, it is obvious”, – said the press Secretary of the head of state. He stressed that the observed volatility “quite versatile”.

“She’s here and there occur jumps and we see the behavior of energy markets, we see that it concerns a sufficiently large number of countries and can’t leave without affecting the rest of the world, part of which is Russia”, – explained his position Sands.

He emphasized that what is happening in the economy should be perceived as vibrations.

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Meeting on the economy

Peskov did not rule out that the head of state Vladimir Putin may hold additional meetings on the situation in the economy, but stressed that they would not be of emergency nature.

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“Nothing from yesterday has not changed, – said Peskov reporters. Contact with government will take place next week. The exact day we will let”. A Kremlin spokesman said that does not exclude any other meetings on economic topics.

“Let’s just say, something extraordinary, unplanned in the schedule of the President no,” he concluded.

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