The deficit of the Russian budget in 2015 amounted to 2.6% of GDP

Moscow. January 22. The Federal budget of the Russian Federation in 2015 was executed with a deficit of $ 1 trillion, 945 billion 99.5 million rubles, or 2.6% of GDP, according to the press service of the Ministry of Finance on the preliminary assessment of budget execution.

The revenue budget for the year was at the level of 13 trillion 654 billion 526,6 million (103,0% of total planned income for the year), expenses – 15 trillion 599 billion 626,1 million rubles (101,2% to the total planned expenditure for the year and 98.4% of the adjusted paintings).

The primary deficit was 1 trillion 426 billion 393 million roubles, or 1,9% of GDP.

The volume of Russia’s GDP in 2015 amounted to 73 trillion 708 billion 28 million.

The balance of sources internal and external financing of budget deficit amounted to 2 trillion 241 billion 87.3 million roubles and minus 295 billion 987,8 million rubles, respectively.

The Federal tax service transferred to the budget of 6 trillion 880 billion 543,3 million roubles, or 101% of the forecast income for 2015, the Federal customs service – 4 trillion 933 billion rubles 214,4 million, or 101.1% of forecast income.

Through the Federal property management Agency has received 283 billion 018,2 million rubles, or 108% of the annual forecast value.

Other Federal agencies transferred to the budget of 1 trillion 577 billion 750,7 million rubles, or 119,9% of the forecast revenue for 2015. Excluding income from the transfer of a part of profit of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and management of Reserve Fund and national welfare Fund, revenues amounted to 1 trillion 286 billion 512,5 million (is 125.8% of the predicted rate of incomes of the Federal budget for 2015).