The Deputy asked the President to begin administrative reform from the Moscow

The Deputy asked the President to begin administrative reform from the Moscow

The administrative system in Moscow “was an extinct species,” said Moscow city Duma Andrey Klychkov, noting that the maintenance of the bureaucratic apparatus and enormous money is spent. The politician sent a letter to the President asking him to reform the management system in the capital.

MOSCOW, 21 Dec –. City Duma Deputy from the Communist party Andrei Klychkov has sent an appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to reform the management system, first in Moscow, said on Thursday the press service of the Communist party faction in the city Duma.

Earlier, the President approved the proposal of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov to develop and implement a programme of governance reform in the regions, for example, to create in the region a pilot region Metropolitan area, which will allow to save budgetary funds by reducing the number of unnecessary administrations. Klychkov said in his letter, which has repeatedly voiced similar ideas.

“Communist stressed that the administrative system in the capital “was an extinct species,” and notes that “the maintenance of the bureaucratic apparatus is annually spent huge amounts of money, and at the same time, councils of deputies, who are elected by Muscovites, virtually disenfranchised”. Klychkov proposes to use the crisis situation to conduct a holistic administrative reform not only in Ulyanovsk region but also in Moscow”, — said the press service.

Together with experts and municipal deputies of Moscow, the Communist faction has prepared the proposals, in particular on the reduction of districts and the abolition of district councils, the elimination of administrative districts and prefectures, the redistribution of powers between the city and the municipality, the formation of authorities, providing for one supervisor in area Klychkov wrote in his message to Putin. “The purpose of our proposed reform – the creation of a two-tier structure of government closest to the people”, — quotes the press-service of the Deputy.

In his opinion, the reform will allow to optimize the number of civil servants, as well as get rid of inefficient structures and to reduce excess spending.