The Deputy Rashkin asked the Cabinet to give the forecast negative impact of falling ruble

The Deputy Rashkin asked the Cabinet to give the forecast negative impact of falling ruble

MOSCOW, January 22 the state Duma Deputy from the Communist party Valery Rashkin asked the Russian government to voice projections, how from-for falling of ruble exchange rate will increase rates, utilities and unemployment. The corresponding request to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev have one.

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In connection with the ongoing depreciation of the ruble against foreign currencies, the MP asks the government to answer a number of questions. In particular, “what is inflation, including in terms of rising food prices and other essential commodities” can be expected in 2016.

“What, according to the forecast of the government of the Russian Federation, will be in 2016 the growth of prices (tariffs) on utilities, including electricity, gas and other services. If the projected increase (or decrease) of the size of debts of citizens for utilities”, – stated in the request.

In addition, Rashkin wondered what the unemployment rate predicts a Cabinet, in which regions can be mass layoffs, is it possible to reduce public sector wages and stipends to undergraduate and graduate students.

The Deputy also asked what measures the government planned to take to curb the growth of prices on essential goods, tariffs for utilities, sustain livelihoods and preserve the solvency of the population in the conditions of devaluation of the national currency and rising prices.