The Finance Ministry has estimated the chances of Lagarde into the IMF as 100%

Moscow. January 22. Christine Lagarde has 100% chances of appointment to the post of head of the International monetary Fund for a new 5-year term, said Deputy Finance Minister of Russia Sergey Storchak.

“Because it will support your own country, her chances are 100% because of the credibility that it has won. (. . .) I think that potential candidates who could be declared, most likely, all will withdraw their candidacy. Unopposed will go, it is very high authority,” Storchak told journalists on Friday.

The IMF on Wednesday formally began the selection of candidates for the post of managing Director and intends to complete the selection process by early March. Immediately after this, the Minister of Finance of great Britain George Osborne formally put forward Lagarde. Lagarde herself also previously hinted that he would like to work in the IMF for another 5 years.

Powers Lagarde as the current Director of the IMF expires July 5, 2016.

One of the major achievements Lagarde Storchak described the revision of IMF quotas in favor of developing countries. The G20 leaders in 2010 agreed on the revision of IMF quotas in favor of developing countries. Changes could not take effect without ratification by a majority of member countries the IMF’s 14th quota review. The U.S., which have a quota of SDR 17,69% and 16,75% of the vote, which gives them the right to veto key decisions of the Fund, has approved a reform in December 2015.

“She’s during this period, managed to pass a very difficult path, balancing between the interests of the emerging markets (emerging markets) and developed countries, especially with regard to the reform of 2010. She was in a difficult situation: from-for actions of one shareholder agreement did not take effect, constantly criticism was. Though criticized shareholder, but a ray of criticism all the time on the management of the Fund also slid,” said Storchak.