The Kremlin considers unacceptable restriction of the freedom of the media in any country, including Moldova

MOSCOW, January 22. In the Kremlin “extremely negative” attitude to the actions of Moldova, refused Russian journalists to work in its territory.

“We can only evaluate extremely negatively, because, of course, any restrictions on freedom of expression, the media, especially the Russian media, it is unacceptable”, – told reporters the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

According to him, “unfortunately, we have all witnessed the precedents in this area in neighbouring Ukraine”. “Of course, we don’t want development scenario for the media on the same trajectory (in Moldova)”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

“Of course, we believe this is unacceptable and I regret,” said Sands.

One of the Russian journalists were not allowed into Moldova

A photojournalist of the news Agency of Stanislav Krasilnikov, who went to Chisinau for coverage of the protests, was not allowed to Moldavia and was sent back to Moscow. The journalist arrived in Chisinau at night. At the airport of the Moldovan border guards stopped him and began to ask about the purpose of the trip. When it became clear that Krasilnikov is the press photographer of Agency, he was refused entry and put on the next flight to Moscow.

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Journalist were not allowed into Moldova

Krasilnikov was not the first Russian journalist, who came to coverage of demonstrations in Chisinau, but was expelled by the decision of Moldovan authorities. Earlier it was reported that Moldova was not allowed operator REN TV Alexander Malyshev, the correspondent of TV channel LifeNews Cyril ol’kova, and the VGTRK journalist Alexander Balitsky was denied entry to Moldova for five years.

Wednesday, 20 January, Parliament of Moldova, which hosted the procedure of approval of the government, there were mass riots. Thousands of opposition supporters, who believe the illegal Cabinet, stormed the building. Then the building of the legislature picketed thousands of opposition supporters. On Thursday, anti-government protests in the center of Chisinau continued.