Yevtushenkov sure that the dollar be worth more than a hundred rubles

Yevtushenkov sure that the dollar be worth more than a hundred rubles

There is nothing wrong in revising the budget due to a new collapse in oil prices, the economic situation is difficult, but not critical, says the main shareholder of Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

MOSCOW, 22 Jan. The dollar this year will not cost more than $ 100, while in the second half of the situation with the Russian currency will start to improve, I am sure the main shareholder of Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

“This year will be crucial from the point of view that the situation in the second half of the year should be slightly better. I could be wrong, but I’m sure… What’s the currency? It will not exceed 100 (rubles per dollar). Here I am also certain,” Yevtushenkov said in an interview

“Fluctuations of plus or minus five rubles impossible to catch, it’s all guesswork. Speaking to tens of rubles, he (the ruble to the dollar – ed.) will not exceed 100. Given that 100 separates us is not as big a gap as we see today, however, I am sure that in 2016 the rate will not exceed 100”, — he added.

Fatty years ended…

Yevtushenkov sees nothing wrong in the upcoming revision of the budget of the Russian Federation due to a new collapse in oil prices.

“There is nothing wrong or strange in this. Were “fat” years, and was one approach. Steel heavy years, — it is necessary to revise the budget. Nothing to worry, there are plenty of opportunities where to cut, where to shrink, optimize,… It work… just gotta do not sprinkle your head from the need to revise the budget… It is not fatal”, he said.

The businessman believes that the period of low oil prices will be long. He noted that the decline in commodity markets had predicted a long time ago, but people didn’t believe it and were not ready, as in the fable by Leo Tolstoy “a Liar” about the boy and the wolf.

“It’s like in Tolstoy’s story… Many times frightened by wolves, and wolves were not. When they actually appeared, people were unprepared,” said Yevtushenkov.

“The downturn in commodity markets… predicted a long time ago. He stepped. As a rule, it is a long cycle, maybe even decades,” he added.

…but it’s not a disaster

Evtushenkov believes that the situation in the Russian economy hard, but not critical. Now is the time to actively develop other industries – high-tech manufacturing, consumer sector, but also to solve the problems associated with the isolation of the country because of the sanctions.

“Full speed it is necessary to develop other sectors that are less affected by this cyclicality and which can replace the volume that fell on the commodity markets. Tomorrow or after tomorrow or after after tomorrow commodities will not rise as it was before. It will come much later,” he said.

“Our main problem is not in the commodity markets. There’s nothing we can do to, let’s say in 2017, suddenly, by magic, all was as it was. As it was — will be gone. Our task is to work on other how to ease the sanctions, how to weaken the isolation of the country. It is not cyclical and episodic in nature”, — said the businessman.

“I belong to the category of people who are not so disastrous looking at the current situation. It’s heavy, but certainly not hopeless, and certainly there are opportunities,” said Yevtushenkov.