Google will pay the British government $185 million in taxes over 10 years

Google will pay the British government $185 million in taxes over 10 years

LONDON, January 23. /Corr. Vladimir Kalinin/. Internet giant Google and the British government reached agreement in a dispute about the payment of large sums as the Treasury lost in taxes by American corporations. As they say in a statement on Friday evening the official statement, we are talking about 130 million pounds ($185 million).

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It is reported that under the specified amount refers to the taxes that Google had to pay the British Treasury “since 2005”. The Corporation has informed that has agreed with the Ministry of the “new approach” to taxation, which from now on will be based on the actual “size and scope” of the business of the Internet giant in the United Kingdom.

It should be noted that in the present climate of crisis, when the government pursues a rigorous policy of spending cuts to achieve a balanced budget, the problem of efficiency in tax collection costs in the UK very serious. As previously reported by local media, a number of large international companies for many years, deceives the authorities by registering their income received in the United Kingdom, in other States. In this list are such well-known corporations like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Ebay and Google. According to journalists, from-for imperfections of the British tax system in recent years these companies have saved about 650 million pounds ($1 billion).