Onf plans in March to present a collection of “gray schemes” used in government procurement

STAVROPOL, January 24. Activists of the anti-corruption project of the Russian popular front (onf) “For fair procurement” plans in March to present the 3rd edition of the collection “gray schemes”, which is used by unscrupulous customers in the conduct of public procurement. This was announced on Sunday to journalists, the head of the project Anton Guetta at the inter-regional forum of the popular front in Stavropol.

“Officials are not resting in their contrivances, as if poeffektivnee to determine “their” supplier and invent new schemes. We will add four more circuits in our “grey book”, so the total number of identified schemes will reach 32. We plan to release the book in early March,” said Guetta.

In the first in 2016 interregional forum of the Russian popular front (onf), which opened Sunday in Stavropol, is attended by over 600 people. This civil society activists from the southern regions of the country, Federal and regional experts of the popular front, the journalists, the representatives of the legislative branch.

Key theme two-day conference – monitoring of execution of presidential decree “on the ground”, fight against wastefulness and corruption in the conduct of public procurement. The participants will also discuss problems in the social sphere and the economy. The results of the discussions will be summarized in a regional “Map challenges” and presented at the plenary session of the forum together with specific proposals for their solution.

This meeting opened a series of inter-regional forums that the popular front intends to spend this year. It is planned that a total of onf will hold in different regions of Russia, four such forum.