A hedge Fund has learned to carry out transactions without human intervention

Moscow. On 25 January. The company Aidyia launched a hedge Fund, which can conduct stock transactions without human intervention, the website of N+1 with reference to the magazine Wired.

The company’s specialists built a system that can trade independently, relying on various forms of artificial intelligence. One of these forms is based on the principle of genetic evolution, the second — on a system of probabilistic logic.

Every day these forms analyze everything from prices and volumes of market to macroeconomic information and the corporate accounting documents. After that, these forms of artificial intelligence are “voting” and choosing the best course of action.

As explains one of the company employees: “System creates a great random collection of stock traders and studies their behavior in the history of the exchange data. After selecting the best, it uses their “genes” to create a new set of the best traders. And the process repeats. In the end, the system focuses on the best trader”.

The hedge Fund, according to experts, will still be refined, but on the first day he managed to bring 2 percent of the profit pool. Still early to speak about any statistics, but it is a turning step in the world of Finance.

A hedge Fund is a private investment Fund which represents a pool of assets by professional investors. A hedge Fund is created to maximize investor returns and mitigate risks.