FAS recognized the beer ad in Playboy magazine improper

MOSCOW, January 25. Moscow OFAS Russia recognized publishing house “Burda” violated the law on advertising, according to a press release Agency.

In particular, the Antimonopoly office received a statement from the office of Roskomnadzor for the Central Federal district, indicating the spread in the Playboy magazine advertising one of the Beers.

In a press release it is noted that in the print media advertising of beer is permitted, in contrast to advertising other alcoholic beverages.

The advertising of alcoholic beverages in each case must be accompanied by a warning about the dangers of excessive consumption, and this warning should be given not less than 10% of the advertising space. Mentioned in the advertising placed in the magazine Playboy, the need for prevention was absent.

Thus, the Moscow OFAS recognized CJSC “Publishing house “Burda” violated part 3 of article 21 of the Law on advertising. The advertiser issued an order to eliminate violations.