Google will pay the UK £ 130 million tax payment

Moscow. On 25 January. American Google has entered into an agreement with the British Ministry of taxes and customs duties on the payment of tax reimbursements in the amount of about 130 million pounds ($185 million) after checking its accounting by the UK tax authorities.

Following the audit, the auditors criticized the complex structure of the company and stated that Google “does not pay a proper share” of taxes, informs “bi-Bi-si”.

“Today we announced that we will pay more taxes in the UK – said the head of Google Europe, Matt Brittin. – We want to be sure that the paid all the required taxes.”

Investigation against the company lasted for six years. It began when there was much debate about the taxation of transnational corporations operating in the UK, but based in other parts of Europe.

In 2013, Google was heavily criticized in the UK, after it was revealed that in 2001 she paid taxes in the country worth just $9 million, while its revenue was $4.8 billion.

According to the tax authorities, the Corporation was hiding the size of their profits. Google reduced tax payments through its offices in Bermuda, where Corporation taxes are not paid, as well as taking advantage of the fact that its European headquarters is in Ireland, where Corporation tax is lower than in the UK. It is reported that such actions are not beyond the law.