In Germany more than half of all capital accounted for 10% of families

Moscow. On 25 January. The distribution of cash flows in Germany remains highly uneven, and the gap between rich and poor is widening, reports Deutsche Welle.

In 2013, 10% of the German families were ordered nearly 52% of net capital, compared with 45.1 per cent in 1998, according to the results of the study based on data from the Ministry of labour of Germany.

With 50% of families who are least well off in total own only 1% of the net capital against 2.9% in 1998.

Given this dynamic, the faction “left” in the Bundestag has demanded a change of course.

“In Germany there has been a huge reallocation of capital from the bottom up, which can be clearly seen in the official data”, – said the Deputy from the “left” Sabine Zimmermann. According to her, this trend needs to be reversed.

She also stated the necessity of a special tax for millionaires: the first one million euros of assets subject to this tax, and further rate of 5%.